What we do.


Just like back in grade school, a hearing screening consists of an otoscopic examination of the ear and a five minute hearing test administered with an audiometer by a licensed hearing care professional.

Hearing evaluations

A hearing evaluation is a more extensive version of the screening. The evaluation includes testing with tones, speech, and assessment of someone’s ability to understand speech with amplification.

Communication assessments

A more extensive evaluation of how a person performs with amplification, using live speech, conversation, background noise, and use of assistive listening devices.

Technology and education

Once we have determined whether or not amplification or assistive devices are appropriate, we will make an appointment for fitting and installation of devices, and education on care and use as well as education for family and caregivers.

What people say.

  • Our community has had the great opportunity over the last few years to work closely with On-Site Hearing to support and care for our residents.  Understanding the importance of being able to hear well effects overall engagement, the partnership to work with On-Site Hearing to come to the community and help our residents has made great improvement in their quality of life.  Fran, Hank and Randy are very professional and dedication to their important roles in assisting residents with their hearing and wellbeing.

    — Todd Raymond Executive Director, Evans Park at Newton Corner / A Benchmark Senior Living Community
  • I recently had the opportunity to experience the services of Onsite Hearing Care first hand. John Caruso the Hearing Healthcare Specialists performed a hearing test for me, as he would one of our residents. He was patient, kind, communicative, answered every question and took his time with me. In the 6 months that Onsite Hearing Care has been assisting our residents, I have had nothing but positive feedback. This is a professional organization, they communicate well with our wellness team and our residents and responsible parties. I’ve been very impressed at the service, the professionalism and the lack of a high-pressure sales pitch. It is clear that Onsite Hearing is looking for the best solutions and outcomes for our residents.

    — Lea Goddard Executive Director, Sunrise of Cohasset