But most importantly, we work together with your family, discussing any re-programming, repairs, or purchases prior to offering our services to residents.

I recently had the opportunity to experience the services of Onsite Hearing Care first hand. John Caruso the Hearing Healthcare Specialists performed a hearing test for me, as he would one of our residents. He was patient, kind, communicative, answered every question and took his time with me. In the 6 months that Onsite Hearing Care has been assisting our residents, I have had nothing but positive feedback. This is a professional organization, they communicate well with our wellness team and our residents and responsible parties. I’ve been very impressed at the service, the professionalism and the lack of a high-pressure sales pitch. It is clear that Onsite Hearing is looking for the best solutions and outcomes for our residents.

— Lea Goddard
Executive Director, Sunrise of Cohasset

Our community has had the great opportunity over the last few years to work closely with On-Site Hearing to support and care for our residents.  Understanding the importance of being able to hear well effects overall engagement, the partnership to work with On-Site Hearing to come to the community and help our residents has made great improvement in their quality of life.  Fran, Hank and Randy are very professional and dedication to their important roles in assisting residents with their hearing and wellbeing.

— Todd Raymond
Executive Director, Evans Park at Newton Corner
A Benchmark Senior Living Community

As a senior living company, we search for the highest quality service providers who will come to the assisted living communities and deliver excellent service.  Onsite Hearing Care provides the most comprehensive hearing care services that we can offer our residents.  Onsite staff come to the community, are efficient and courteous, and have a special ability to work with seniors.  I would recommend them to any resident looking for hearing care.

— Hanna Zwaan
Regional Director, Health and Wellness
Brightview Senior Living

Having Onsite Hearing Care come directly to our residents is convenient and efficient. One of our residents at 101 years young just got new devices after several previous attempts by other providers that never seemed to work quite right. Her daughter told me how happier and more engaged mom is now that she can actually interact and communicate fully in her new environment.

— Peter McDonald
Executive Director, Sunrise of Leominster

Just wanted to thank you again for meeting with us last week. Getting Vera comfortable with the routine is still a work in progress, and she’s already surprised me by seeking out her unused hearing aid and putting it in a safe place (which none of us can find)…but when she’s using the device, we can sit 5 feet apart and have a conversation and I know she can hear and understand what I’m saying because she’s making jokes about things I’ve said instead of falling back on one of her stock of conversational tropes! The visit we enjoyed after you adjusted her device last Friday was the best we’ve had in months…

— Mark Matteson
Family member of resident

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Onsite Hearing Care. They have made it so easy for both me and my residents; they not only ease access by coming to our building, but by also going to the resident apartments as necessary. To further speak of the ease of access, Kristi and Randy have made themselves available for further education whenever myself, staff, or residents have needed and they continue to supply us with whatever is required to continually accommodate our needs. I not only thank them for their service, but really appreciate their dedication and kindness when interacting with our residents and staff.

— Shamika Johnson-Adams, CDP, BRDP
Reflections Director, The Residence at Melrose Station

We are so pleased with the work of Onsite Hearing. Our residents get immediate assistance and have much better hearing because of it! With Onsite our residents are more conscientious about their hearing aids and the health of their ears. Onsite specialists are excellent with all our residents and have a gentle way with our memory impaired residents. As a staff nurse at The Commons,
I would recommend them to other communities.

— Viki Woodworth, RN
The Commons in Lincoln